Genius DVB-T 1000 (usb) with VLC in Arch linux

Watching TV on your (Arch) linux box using the Genius DVB-T usb dongle and VLC is relatively straightforward. This is because from version 2.6.31 on, the kernel supports the device out of the box. So connect the device to your box and run the following command:

$ dmesg

If everything is ok, somewhere in the final lines of the output, you should see the following line:

'Dexatek DK mini DVB-T Dongle' successfully initialized and connected

We will now install some utils that will help setting up the device:

# pacman -S linuxtv-dvb-apps

Next, we will scan for the available channels. This is done with the scan utility. Note that for your country/region the final part of the location string might be different than mine (i.e. be-All). Write the result of this scan to a file (i.e. channels.conf).

$ scan /usr/share/dvb/dvb-t/be-All > channels.conf

Now, watching TV with VLC is as easy as running the following command:

$ vlc channels.conf

And to create an entry in the (Xfce) applications menu, one can save the following file in ~/.local/share.

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=bash -c "vlc channels.conf"

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